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Fermented Postbiotic / Probiotic Serums for advanced active aging care. Packed with active vitamins like Retinol, vitamin C, vitamin B3, bakuchiol, and glycolic acid , the serums are designed to redefine your skin for a younger, firmer, smoother and glowier complexion.

Work wonderfully together and even better alongside our yummy naturals range. Use regularly for a smoother, clearer and glowier complexion in just 4 weeks! Easy. Pleasy.






No Fragrance, alcohol or synthetic preservatives. Suitable for sensitive skin.

GLOWY SKINSIES BOX Sale price$195.96 AUD

Comprehensive skincare solution with four powerful serums designed to target acne, wrinkles, dehydration and eye contour area.

What is it?

SmoothING, QuenchING, PlumpING, LiftING. All the INGs you need in one box.

This powerhouse collection features four fermented probiotic/postbiotic serums, each packed with active vitamins.

probiotic/ postbiotic is a next generation skincare that is clinically proven to help boost your skin's microbiome for a healthier, glowing complexion.

It regulate the skin's pH levels, exfoliate dead skin cells, and improve hydration.

The anti-inflammatory properties promote better tolerance of actives , and contribute to maintaining a healthy skin microbiome making them a better choice for sensitive skin including eczema or oil prone acne skin.

Combing probiotics/ postbiotics with active ingredients is a great addition for active aging skincare routine.

The serums give results with just 4 weeks else your money back. That’s 20 business days


GLOWY. SKINSIES in 4 weeks

By working synergistically, Probiotics enhance the benefits of active ingredients, increasing antioxidant protection, boosting skin renewal, and promoting collagen production.


WASH: your face. 

PUMP: and massage Glass Skin AHA/BHA liquid exfoliator over face. 

DAB: probiotic Eye Serum under eyes. 

RUB: vitamin A & C Serum followed by Skin Reset B Serum. 

LATHER: on a moisturiser of choice to seal the goodness. 


Note: These soak in better at night. If using during the day, slap on some SPF 15+.



Vegan | Fragrance Free | Alcohol Free | Self Preserving | Cruelty Free


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
So glad I bought this

My skin is generally good and I follow a very simple and minimal skincare routine. Bought these serums as I am approaching 30 and wanted to look after skin with more advanced products and I am So glad I invested in these. I never thought my skin could look this good so quickly.

Love the results

Top of the range products. I am 38 years old have oily skin with pigmentation and wrinkles my main concern. The serums have not only lightened my pigmentation and firm my skin, but have made it smoother and glowier. My skin has never looked this good

Kylee Fleek
Changed my skin in a week!

These serums are truly amazing, I have only used them for a week and my skin is starting to look smoother, clearer and glowier! Can't wait to see what I look like in another 3 weeks! xo


I was waiting to  see if someone will leave a review for this product, but haven't seen it yet, so decided to be the first one on it. 
I got this product soon after it was launched, looking at the marketing hype I was excited to get it so bought it soon after the launch. This kit says as a four week glow up, I have been using it for more than 8 weeks and I haven't noticed any change, neither the glow nor the skin smoothness, I have sensitive skin, If I use any new product I will get to know the change so soon, but to my wonder this kit haven't shown me any changes, neither in a good way nor in a bad way. 
Things to appreciate with this product is, the package is so cute, the other thing I noticed is that the "AHA/BHA" serum doesn't pump liquid out of this bottle at all, I tried to fix it but gave up and started opening the cap all the way to apply it. Not a good buy, I expected a great product from Okana, but disappointed.   

My skin feels so nice

Happy with the results! 3 weeks in and my skin is so much better and healthier. I can really see the difference.

Victoria Walker
Life changing

Wooow!!! This is the first time I have tried serums and what a difference. Only one week of use and I can already see improvement in my complexion. Face feels so soft and smooth. It is really clearing up my breakouts!

They really work

Tried these serums last night and I am amazed. My skin is clear and soft. It definately works. For the first time I got up with a healthy glowing skin. Cant wait to see my skin in a month time! So glad I bought these


I decided to give this 4 week challenge a go, I've tried a bunch products over the years, from high-end luxury brands to supermarket products - nothing really has had any obvious results. My skin type has changed over the years, usually on the oily side, but nearing 40 I've noticed it's more combination now. I am happy to report that my skin tone is more even, no dry/oily patches and overall clearer. I noticed the pores on my nose are appearing tighter too. I've been using this for about 2 months - I'm keen to continue using these serums to see how much more improvement I'll see over some more time. :)

A staple in my routine

Great serums. I have had no reaction to this (I have very sensitive skin) and have been using it at night. My skin is much softer and has improved texture. My fine lines are smoother. Love the eye serum especially

Great for many purposes

love the set. see a difference in pore size and skin complexion. My forehead and eye wrinkles are softer and skin feels so much more smoother. Will definitely purchase again